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(1938 - 2014):

I like to think of instrumental music as the universal language of God's ongoing, intimate dialogue with mankind. And, as composers, our job is to filter that intended dialogue into its new reality. It's not unlike receiving a lovely gift and finding a place to proudly display it in your home.

With this thought in mind, I proudly dedicate this website to presenting, preserving and honoring the creative compositions of our unforgettable friend and music collaborator Iris May Litchfield, of Bromley UK, who was born 8 April, 1938 and who passed on 2 June, 2014.

In our friendship with Iris, we discovered precious gifts of honesty and serenity; personal attributes that also beautifully manifested in the music she composed. Those gifts, matched with a keen focus on her own personal skill development as a composer, will always live on as beacons of inspiration to all who had the pleasure of knowing her. For the record, Iris continued taking piano and composing lessons through 2014, the year she passed...teaching us by example - with her high level of humility - that we are not masters, but students of our art and learning all the time.

Iris' true gift to this world was pure love and joy, along with a dash of tender and sad, yet hopeful melancholy :) ...quietly communicated through the one-on-one intimacy of her music.

We, as her partners and producers, were captivated; in awe of the works that kept expanding and becoming increasingly infused with her easy going dialogue, her sublime vision and melodies as her composing talent kept growing year after year. Her gift of music is here now for us all to enjoy - as a wellspring resource for reflection and respite...and, as I like to say, as a basis for spreading peace and beauty throughout our world.

Collectively, first and foremost, we thank you, dear, dear Iris, for your unforgettable friendship and your open and creative collaboration. And second, for your generosity in sharing your intimate gift of music that is timeless and natural in its beauty.

Your spirit, your energy and your love will live on through your music. May God bless you and may you rest in peace.

- Tom Salvatori, on behalf of all at Salvatori Productions, June 16, 2014

Iris Litchfield brought a gentle strength and wisdom to her music that will keep it ageless and accessible for generations to come. Over the  years of reviewing her recorded music as well as her printed sheet music, we became very good friends. Even though we never had the opportunity to meet face to face, I felt I knew her and loved her fearless approach to life. I was so saddened to hear of her passing, but Iris' spirit will live on through her music, bringing warmth and joy to all who hear it with an open heart.

- Kathy Parsons,, June 15, 2014

The Silence of My Being
APRIL 8, 2015
In loving memory of Iris' birth date


April 8th, 2015: a new album to commemorate and celebrate Iris Litchfield's birth date. Iris had been working in the recording studio in Spring, 2014 while still feeling strong and capable…and the 9 pieces presented in this album were captured during her last recording sessions.

We are pleased to release these recordings; not only to commemorate Iris' April 8th birth date but to celebrate her work and our friendship. 

Iris’ gift of music lives on now for all to enjoy - as a wellspring resource for reflection and respite...and as a basis for spreading peace and beauty throughout our world. 

We have now posted the link to the new CD "The Silence of My Being" on this website (see CD cover below). We hope you enjoy these last recordings from Iris.

Tom Salvatori, Producer, and Friend
Salvatori Productions, Inc.

P.S. Here's photo of Maria's memorial in remembrance of Iris on her birthday today, April 8:

"We Remember Iris" - Maria

It is with deep sadness and regret to inform of the passing of Iris Litchfield on June 2, 2014. With this news, we lost a very dear friend, a collaborative composing partner, and a very, very special and sensitive talent indeed.

She will surely be missed.
- Tom Salvatori


"Working with Iris as a music partner and as her producer over the past several years has been an extraordinary honor.

And introducing her piano music to new audiences brings a fresh, clear voice of reason to the conflicted world we live in; a mature voice assured with sincerity, warmth and hope.

If ever you seek a place of solitude for reflection and respite, listen to Iris’ music. It will elevate your spirit and bring peace to your heart. If you tell your friends about Iris’ music, and then they tell their friends, surely it can become a catalyst for spreading peace across the continents.

Timeless in its styling, warm and tender in its delivery, Iris’ quiet instrumental piano compositions represent a singular beacon of hope in the troubled world wherein we exist."

- Tom Salvatori, Salvatori Productions, Inc., Chicago, IL USA

Tom and Iris in Bromley, UK

Welcome to the timeless and evocative music of Iris Litchfield. Iris' melodic music is full of changing colours and tones, reflecting the harmony in nature.

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